Transkoder is designed to organize flexible management for traffic controller as in local mode, as under control of central controlling unit. Furthermore management is possible for any traffic controller, supporting protocol «Start».

In local mode it is provided operation of controller by daily programs (up to 24 for each day of week), transition to yellow flashing and lights disabling. Transition from program to program comes by signal from high-precision internal timer of transducer. Backup supply system of timer, in case of power interruption, provides timer’s work during one week. Daily programs are recorded into transkoder using the module of external memory KDMP. Data writing format is completely compatible with hole range of controllers KOMKON KDK.

To work under control of central controlling unit transkoder is equipped with antijamming radio modem with industrial standard V.23. For its work it is necessary connection of radio station.

During the work under control of central controlling unit transkoder is capable to execute any daily programs, which were sent to it from KOMKON ASUDD, to transit controller to yellow flashing and lights disabling modes, give it any special phases. Depending on version of protocol «Start» in use, transkoder can inform central unit about any occurrence (lamps burnout, controller door opening and etc).

Transkoder supports managing of two controllers via single line. At that time, their operational modes, starting time of daily program execution and daily programs itself could be different.

The main technical characteristics
Parameter name Value
Power supply voltage ~220 V
Data rate by radio 1200 baud
Data rate by wire line 100 baud
The number of serviced controllers 1 or 2
Accuracy of reading intervals of time 0.1%
Weight < 1 kg
Dimensions 140x160x60 mm
Operational temperature range -40 … +60°C