Informational-measuring board KOMKON TDVS is intended to improve drivers’ self-discipline by displaying the speed of the fastest car driving through the controlled street.

Board consists of speed measurement unit based on the Doppler radar and indication block, including LED indicator with control unit.

The speed, which exceeds the allowed one, in indicated by the red color, allowed one – by the green one. The speed is indicated for 5 sec. or 2 sec. in case of detection of a car with higher speed. When the speed greater than 200 km/h is detected, the blinking red number 199 is shown.

Board housing is made from impact- and heat-resistant plastic, which ensures low weight and guarantees durability and reliability of the design.

Supply package includes mounting brackets for mounting on vertical or horizontal pole on the Customer choice.
Also, by the Customer request, the board can be additionally equipped with road sign “Maximum speed limit” (3.29 in DSTU 4100).

Technical parameters
Parameter nameValue
Operating voltage range150 … 250 V
Supply voltage frequency50 Hz
Consumed powerless then  25 Wt
Radar’s frequency22,14 GHz
Measurement distanceup to 300 m
Measured speed rangefrom 20 to 300 km/h
Maximal indicated speed199 km/h
Detector pole intervals2 sec
Speed measurement inaccuracy1,0 km/h
Speed measurement resolution1,0 km/h
Radar beam angle20°
Number of indicated digits3
Digits’ size90 x 180 mm
Operating temperature rangefrom -40°C to +60°C
Dimensions700 x 700 x 112 mm