Public transport priority was implemented in Odessa

To implement the public transport priority system, local flexible traffic control was proposed: to enable or extend the tram phase only if a tram entrance is detected. Thus, the maximum possible waiting time for the passage of the tram is reduced, as well as the excessive stop time of the remaining traffic participants during the phase of passage of the tram, in its absence.

Using the KDAR it is possible to add the ability to insert a tram phase in the current cycle of a traffic light object. To inform tram drivers, controllable time counting modules for tram traffic lights are used.

Our company’s equipment allows us to implement a wide range of configurations based on different types of detectors – ultrasound, video, radar and others. Thanks to the adaptive control unit KDAR, it is possible to implement various algorithms for responding to signals from detectors, including program switching, phase insertion, etc. We select the best technical solutions and operational algorithms for each particular intersection.