KOMKON PZS-01 produces audible signal which imroves safety of the street crossing by the blind or partially-sighted pedestrians. The device is connected paralley to the Green signal output circuits of traffic controller.

KOMKON PZS-01 is compatible with any kind of traffic controllers.

PZS-01 housing is made from impactresistant self-extinguishing polycarbonate PC GFS and has enviromental protection rate IР55.

PZS-01 package includes:

  • PZS-01 unit;
  • Dynamic speaker;
  • USB – UART converter;
  • KOMKON PZS-01 Configer software;

Functional possibilities
PZS-01 provides performing of the following functions:

  • Uploading of the sound files from PC to PZS-01 microcontroller;
  • Previous PZS-01 messages erasing;
  • Automated discrete adjustment of the sound volumne in the range from 0 up to 100% from maximum (12 levels + mute);
  • Reading and setting of the internal real-time clock;
  • Setting of the date switching between summer and winter time;
  • Programming of the weekly and daily schedules of the PZS-01 volumne adjustment ;
  • Sound signal frequency setting («beep» sound).
Technical parameters
Parameter name Value
Power supply voltage 187 .. 242* V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption, less then 10 W
Maximal size of sound file to upload 10 Mbit
Degree of protection from enviromental impact IP55
Operational temperature range -40 … +60°C
Weight, less then 0,5 kg
Dimensions, mm 200?125?95
Degree of protection of man from electrical shock III according to GOST

*Survives in the range 150 .. 250V