New type of pedestrian traffic control was implemented

Pedestrian crossings on the big highways demands presize balance between traffic capacity for drivers and pedestrians. To much frequent swithcing of the pedestrian phase leads to big vehicle queus and traffic jams, to big waiting time for pedestrians provoke them pass on the red light.

Capabilities of the new traffic controller КOMKON KDK-06 allows to improve the situation for highways with traffic islands:  call for pedestrian phase appears from on of the sides  (on button push or detector triggering) controller closes passing on highway only in one direction, it means when the pedestrian crosses the road to the central island, the other direction is free to move. After some delay first direction is being openned while the second is being closed so the pedestrian can pass further to the other side of the orad. Delay for traffic is reduced from the time needed to pass side to side to the time needed to reach the island. For the pedestrian walking on the phase called from the other side the additional buttons are installed on the central island.

Such configuration requires direct control for the countdown boards. This task is done by КOMKON KDK-06, that sends value for contdown to the mоdules TOV via RS485.