History of enterprise starts in 1988 During the time of its existence enterprise have been carrying works throughout the territory former USSR in different branches of industry.

The development and implementation of hardware and software for traffic control started in 2000, which became our priority.

Our own science-research, engineering and production base, full warranty and post-guarantee technical support for our products, involvement in various stages of the production process leading enterprises of Ukraine and other countries has allowed our company to become the leader of Ukrainian market in the production and implementation of equipment for traffic control and management automation.

Today established serial production of traffic controllers who, thanks to reliability, relatively low cost, flexible service, are recognized as the best on the Ukrainian market and are one the three most sold in the Russian Federation. Constructing-mounting-operating-enterprises cooperating with us, serve the technical means of traffic control in more than 80 towns and settlements.


We have developed software and hardware complex, the automated system of road traffic control, which were successfully implemented and operates in the 22 cities of Ukraine and other countries.

You can find full list of our products and their specs on our web-site.

Taking in account the dynamic development of this market, we are constantly improving our solutions, following up most recent trends and developments in the industry.

According to the enormous prospects of European integration in the creation of equipment for traffic management, we’re researching new technical solutions in order to conform to high standards, adopted in the European market.

Overall economic growth, Ukraine’s entry into the World Trade Organization, the policy of integration into the European Union and preparations for the European Football Championship Euro 2012 – gives a clear understanding of the broad prospects for rapid development of the traffic management market in Ukraine. However, the development of our company, the latest developments give us the capacity to go into the market of the Joint Europe. We understand that to ensure adequate response to the sharply increasing needs of the Ukrainian market, to apply the of standards and protocols for prospective for us European market, it is necessary to engage Western partners, both for the exchange of experience in the field of traffic management, and for the realization of joint business projects.