Traffic controllers

Controllers for controlling traffic lights at intersections

Світлофори світлодіодні

Traffic lights

Transport and pedestrian, with time display and reverse


Signs, VMS and signalisation devices

Variable and controlled signs, light and sound warning devices

Відеодетектори транспорту

Sensors vehicles and pedestrians

Ultrasonic and videodetectors, calling devices designed to recognition and control of vehicles and pedestrians


Air alarm warning equipment

Allows you to issue air alarm messages both in the form of siren signals and voice accompaniment

Backup power device

Provides backup power to traffic lights in case of emergency power outages or scheduled power outages


Controllers’ peripheral equipment

Increases controllers’ functional capabilities

Стенд для перевiрки вузлiв дорожнiх контролерiв

Maintenance equipment controllers

Allows maintenance of controllers


Switch heating system

Designed to rid turnouts of ice and snow in the cold season



Urban traffic control system ASKDR, software for controller data preparation


Modern solutions for traffic management. Traffic controllers, traffic lights, audio devices, LED signs and other traffic control equipment and software.

Our group was born 30 years ago. Since that time, the great experience in the development and implementation of various systems of automation was gathered.

We had a different fields of work in our history, but the main line has always been one – traffic management. Over the years we have developed and perfected the concept of a unified and transparent management of transport flows. We have created and brought to a reasonable level of technical perfection all the components of the automated traffic control systems.

Today established serial production of traffic controllers who, thanks to reliability, relatively low cost, flexible service, are recognized as the best on the Ukrainian market and are one the three most sold in the Russian Federation. Constructing-mounting-operating-enterprises cooperating with us, serve the technical means of traffic control in more than 80 towns and settlements.


We have developed software and hardware complex, the automated system of road traffic control, which were successfully implemented and operates in the 22 cities of Ukraine and other countries.

Our company manufactures and supplies all that is necessary for the traffic control – from signal heads and controllers to the software and hardware systems of central control centers. Our products are being operated in many cities of Ukraine , Russia and other CIS countries. Some of them are already fully deployed traffic control system. Full support of the customer’s needs in the modern technical solutions is provided by using the latest means of automation and communication, for which the company “KOMKON TRAFFIC” is constantly doing new developments and uses for the production of them the most recent technologies.