Payment is performed in UAH according to official National Bank of Ukraine rate on the day of invoicing. The prices are EXW.

Depending on the delivery term, price could be decreased.

The implementation of the technology of direct control of the indication of the time countdown of traffic lights by the traffic controller using the RS-485 interface requires an object-oriented approach. The price of equipment for a traffic light facility using this technology depends on the cost of its retrofitting and additional programming and is calculated separately for each facility.

Traffic controllers KOMKON KDK
Parameters Price with VAT, USD
Traffic controllers KOMKON KDK-02
Number of outputs 8 3522
Number of outputs 16 4245
Number of outputs 24 4967
Number of outputs 32 5690
Number of outputs 40 6412
Number of outputs 48 7622
Traffic controllers KOMKON KDK-02M
(instead of KOMKON KDK-06)
Number of outputs 8 4446
Number of outputs 16 5169
Number of outputs 24 5891
Number of outputs 32 6614
Number of outputs 40 7485
Number of outputs 48 8207
Traffic controllers KOMKON KDK-16-05
Dimensions 840*400*350
Number of outputs 16 1896
Additional devices and parts
KDIP unit 381
KDP unit 708
KDU unit 722
KDAR unit 812
Programming device 134
Flash memory unit 28
Modem V-23 218
Wire modem 160
Traffic lights KOMKON 
Parameters Price (incl VAT), USD
“KOMKON C-200”
T1.1 200mm roundel 454
Arrow aspect 131
Countdown unit 231
P1.1 345
P1.1 with countdown 406
“KOMKON C-300/200”
T1.2 478
“KOMKON C-300”
Т1.3 538
Arrow aspect 168
Countdown unit 264
P1.2 373
P1.2 with countdown 434
Signal heads with countdown in yellow aspect
T1.1 Ty 509
T1.2 Ty 531
T1.3 Ty 595
Tram signal head
Т5.1 494
Т5.2 494
Signal heads for reverse lanes
Doublesided reverse signal head 995
Additional equipment for traffic control
Product name Price with VAT, USD
Ultrasonic vehicle detector KOMKON DTU 1148
Engineers console KOMKON PI 440
GPRS communication equipment 470
Ethernet communication equipment 470
Device KOMKON-Bluetooth 129
Time synchronization module KOMKON GPS 255
Radio communication kit 1981
Mobile traffic lights 3318
Protocols converter KOMKON TRANSKODER 762
Interface splitter RS-485 280
Stand for checking road controllers’ units 968
Panel for traffic lights simulation KOMKON IS 1383
The pedestrian calling device KOMKON KVP 81
Lightning protection device KOMKON PGZ-1 31
Lightning protection device KOMKON PGZ-2 90
Sound signalization device KOMKON PZS-1 221
Sound signalization device KOMKON PZS-2 229
Software “Console” with USB-UART 126
KOMKON PKK device 115
Glowing warning device “Pedestrian crossing” 193
Road sign “Pedestrian crossing” KOMKON ZDPP-01 637
Road sign “Pedestrian crossing” KOMKON ZDPP-02 319
LED variable sign “Recommended speed” 637
Board road KOMKON TDVS 2016
LED Road Sign «Detour» 364
Switch heating system KOMKON NST-20 10998
Backup power device KOMKON RZ 4725
Product name Price with VAT, USD
The system of data preparation and data processing for road controllers KOMKON SPOD with support of ASUDD 526
Product name Price with VAT, USD
Services for the configuration of the road controller for a specific traffic light facility. 172