Time synchronization moduleуTime synchronization module «KOMKON GPS (Local center F)» (hereinafter GPS-module) is designed to manage traffic controllers KOMKON KDK in order to synchronize the start of the daily program work cycle with atomic clocks of artificial Earth satellite. GPS-module sends to driven controller command of cycle beginning with the number of daily programs, thus making the synchronization of controller. In the case of programs “flashing yellow” and “turn off lights” GPS-module sends a command to controller with a period of 100 seconds. With the loss of communication with the satellite GPS-module within 4 hours leads controller upon a daily program. Once every 4 hours GPS-module adjusts the internal controller clock. The control is provided by daily schedule, allowing 24 times a day to change the number of traffic management program, separable for each day of the week.

Synchronization of chain of managed by GPS-module controllers allows to organize a coordinated traffic signalization. Synchronization is carried out gradually reducing the existing difference in time between the start of work cycle at the expense of differences between minimum and normal time of basic tact, allowing the transition to the first phase of the cycle only after ending of minimal time of basic tact.

Data about the daily programs is recorded to GPS-module and controller in the same way, using external memory module KDMP.

The main technical characteristics KOMKON GPS
Parameter name Value
Sensitivity -159 dBm
Power supply voltage ~220 V
Power consumption 0.5 W
Time of cold start 45 s.
The number of receiver channels 20
Protocols of GPS NMEA 0183 SiRF binary
The number of software maps 7
The number of timings programs in the program map up to 24
The number of control programs up to 24
The value of the beginning phase shift 0-254 s.
Cycle duration Up to 254 s.
The accuracy of reading intervals of time ±1 ms
Capability of preserving information without an external power supply + (super cap)
Operational temperature range -40…+60°C