Panel for simulating of traffic lights KOMKON IS is intended for testing the traffic controllers with the real road traffic management programs. With the help of panel, in a workshop it is possible to check various types of controllers, switching signals for lamp and LED traffic lights with supply voltage alternating current 220, 50 Hz, including those that use fly back circuits to control red signals.

KOMKON IS displays time distribution of output signals command controllers, in particular, it can simulate work of up to 11 road traffic lights type T1.3.
Panel for traffic lights simulation

Schematic and structural characteristics of KOMKON IS
Parameter name Value
The number of independent input circuits 33
Load power to simulate the LED mode 8 W
Load power to simulate the lamp regime 60 W
Open-circuit operation condition Implemented
Dimensions, mm 975x425x170

Independent load switching is provided using 33 3-positional-tumbler switches mounted on the front panel. High tumbler position matches with the tube load mode, down – with the LED load mode, middle position provides load circuit break. Panel with tumbler switches is planted at the bottom of the chase, terminal connectors for connecting of external circuits are installed inside the case.