Road traffic lightsLED traffic lights KOMKON SD are designed to regulate traffic flows. Traffic lights may be controlled by different manufacturers’ traffic controllers.

Lighting modules of traffic lights KOMKON SD are made using a set of ultra-bright LEDs, which allows considerable savings on electricity compared with tube lights. Equilibrium spatial diversity of LEDs ensures uniform illumination of the traffic lights panel. Renewed housing has only 120 mm thick and  provides durability of construction, light weight, simplicity of assembly and installation.
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Traffic lights KOMKON SD are implemented in accordance with the effectual requirements of DSTU 4092-2002 and TU U 31.2-41138650-002:2018 (there are certificates of conformity DSTU 4092 and DSTU EN 12368).

Photographs of traffic lights KOMKON SD on working objects you can see in the section Gallery.

Technical parameters
Parameter name Value
Power supply voltage 187 – 242 V *
The voltage frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption per one module not more than 18 W **
Dominant wavelength of red light radiation 620 – 670 nm
Dominant wavelength of yellow light radiation 580 – 595 nm
Dominant wavelength of green light radiation 510 – 560 nm
Power of red light radiation not less than 200 cd ***
Power of yellow light radiation not less than 300 cd ***
Power of green light radiation not less than 200 cd ***
Operational temperature range -40 … +60°C
Protection class rating of enclosure IP – 56
Dimensions of the 300mm signal head 3 aspects 1170 x 385 x 240 mm
Weightof the 300mm signal head 3 aspects 8 kg

Road traffic light
*Keeps operability at voltage 150 – 250 В.
**For LED modules with diameter 300 mm.
***For transport traffic lights.

Key characteristics of traffic lights KOMKON SD:

  • LED lights KOMKON SD is 5 times more energy efficient then lamp traffic lights.
  • The lifetime of LED emitters exceeds the lifespan of traditional lamp emitters more than 50 times.
  • Traffic lights KOMKON SD are made with heatproof and shockproof case.
  • Each emitting module is composed of sections of LEDs, currents in which are virtually independent of each other, which increases the probability of failure-free operation of traffic lights all together.
  • Pedestrian’s traffic lights can be optionally made with time countdown board.