Data preparation and processing system
Data preparation and processing system for road controllers KOMKON SPOD – software product, designed to prepare by the user traffic management organization, check the consistency of this organization and assign behavior of traffic controller in certain situations. Technologist (user) gets the opportunity to verify the data he entered, to simulate work of controller, and, in the final result, to write the organization directly into the controller. The user can always get a full report about traffic management for printer output.

An advanced version of the program – KOMKON SPOD ASKDR Edition – also allows adding organizations to automated system for traffic control (KOMKON ASKDR)


  • all created plants are stored in the database (DB), which allows:
    • –manipulate with different traffic flow organizations in DB,
    • –create archival copy of all databases,
    • –move individual organizations to other PCs using technologies of import and export;
  • for ease of creating a new organization (plant) it is provided several options to automatically fill in the data:
    • –automatic placement of output channels numbers,
    • –generation of simple transtacts,
    • –setting often used transtacts «by default»,
    • –automatic placement of conflict directions;
  • СПОД

  • embedded vector editor for plant scheme:
    • –creation of directions for all phases of movement,
    • –up to 20 arrows per one direction,
    • –adding text labels to the scheme,
    • –free editing objects on the scheme (flipping, stretching, etc.),
    • –adding of own backgrounds – schemes of crossroads.
  • simulator of controller work in the program:
    • –per-second simulation of the controller work with displaying the status of all directions,
    • –generation work cyclogram of controller for each defined daily program,
    • –the state of each controller channel in each second of work;
  • record created organization on the flash module for carrying data to controlle;
  • automatic generation of reports about the plant for printing:
    • –connection table of pads to the output (signal) control circuits,
    • –pass-by along the directions in phases,
    • –calendar of the controller work,
    • –cyclogram of controller work built in accordance to DSTU «Road Traffic Organization»;
  • Support absolutely all types of traffic controllers KOMKON.