Single unit controller KDK-16-05Traffic controller KDK-16-05 is designed for control of small intersections and pedestrian crossings. Controller is able to operate with ASKDR.

Controller keeps all the technical and functional capabilities of the KDK controllers, while its budget price, reduced weight and dimensions allows to solve traffic control problem fast and effectively with minimal cost.

Technical specifications
Parameter name Value
Supply voltage range 150 – 240 V
Supply voltage frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption less then 10 W
Maximal load per channel 3 A
Minimal load per channel 4 W
Number of output control channels up to 16
Number of programmable traffic stages up to 16
Number of pedestrian buttons* 2
Controller weight less then 17 kg
Controller unit weight less then 4,5 kg
Overall dimensions 595х420х210 mm
Protection class IP 54
Operational temperature range -40 .. +60°C

* can be replaced with detector.