road sign Detour
The “Detour” LED road sign is a modernized version of the mandatory traffic signs “Keep right” and “Keep left”, which are designed to indicate the direction of detour of traffic islands and various obstacles located on the carriageway.

Unlike ordinary signs, which the driver can notice in the dark only when headlights rich them, LED signs are visible from a greater distance and at different angles. This allows the driver to take safety measures in advance, approaching a dangerous section of the road or the place of repair or maintenance work.

The arrow of the sign is dynamically illuminated by the bright LEDs and is clearly visible regardless of weather conditions and the time of day, and the yellow squares blinking at the corners of the sign additionally attract the drivers’ attention. A retroreflective film is applied to the front of the sign, due to which the sign is clearly distinguishable even with the backlight turned off.

Technical specifications
Parameter name Value
Power voltage 12/24 V*
Consumed power less then 15 Wt
Ingress protection rate IP54
Continious runtime not limited
Life time 8 years
Dimensions 700 x 700 x 50 mm
Weight less then 10 kg
Operational temperature range -40°C … +60°C

* Version with a supply voltage of 220 V is possible.