Traffic controller KDK-02M
Traffic controller KOMKON KDK-02M is an upgraded version of the controller KDK-02.

Controllers allows to:

  • control intersections of any complexity;
  • operate under supervision from the central control room or from controller-coordinator via any available communication channel;
  • control a traffic light object at an intersection of any complexity, taking into account the extended set of requirements of DSTU 4157, 4158;
  • control the readings of the traffic light countdown board via the RS-485 interface;
  • collect the data about traffic intensity and intersection occupancy, analyze and process collected data and rapidly discharge congestions on the intersection basing on the collected data;
  • keep a log of actions with possibility to extract the data later for disputes investigation.

Controller KOMKON KDK-02M includes:

  • metal cabinet with reliable locking system;
  • power management system, consisting of input automatic circuit breaker, network filter, power switcher, lightning protection unit;
  • unified rack with power supply unit, periphery control processor unit, adaptive control unit and power outputs control units (8 outputs each);
  • commutation panel based on WAGO screwless terminals for traffic lights and signal circuits connection, also for power circuit;
  • additional automatic circuit breakers, plugs and internal cabinet light for maintenance staff.

Traffic controller’s periphery control processor unit is built on the basis of ATXMega256A3 microcontroller, that implements power units’ control, communication with adaptive control unit, power network voltage control and pedestrian push buttons control.

Adaptive control unit is made with AT91SAM9G45 microcontroller for communication, analytics and control. Unit includes:

  • 400 MHz ARM926EJ-S ARM® Thumb® Processor, 32 Kb data cash;
  • 32 Kb instructions cash;
  • RAM DDR2 64 Mb;
  • 256 Mb NAND flash;
  • GPS-receiver for time signal;
  • converting-extending board UART=>6 RS-485 (optional);
  • battery 2200 mAh supplying core operation in case of short blackout.