Our group was born 30 years ago. Since that time, the great experience in the development and implementation of various systems of automation was gathered.

We had a different fields of work in our history, but the main line has always been one – traffic management. Over the years we have developed and perfected the concept of a unified and transparent management of transport flows. We have created and brought to a reasonable level of technical perfection all the components of the automated traffic control systems.

Our company manufactures and supplies all that is necessary for the traffic control – from signal heads and controllers to the software and hardware systems of central control centers. Our products are being operated in many cities of Ukraine , Russia and other CIS countries. Some of them are already fully deployed traffic control system. Full support of the customer’s needs in the modern technical solutions is provided by using the latest means of automation and communication, for which the company “KOMKON TRAFFIC” is constantly doing new developments and uses for the production of them the most recent technologies.

The competence and experience of “KOMKON TRAFFIC” staff, the use of the latest advances in digital and microprocessor technology, integrated application of electronic and mechanical systems allows to meet the challenges of high-performance control and management of complex processes, providing a wide range of functionality of the consumer-oriented technology. Due to the continuous improvement of the manufactured equipment, the introduction of new technologies, hardware components from the leading manufacturers, materials and technical solutions, fully computerized production organization, LLC “KOMKON TRAFFIC” guarantees a consistently high quality of its products, its production in the shortest possible time in accordance with the requirements of the Customer, its timely dispatch, as well as reducing time of installation and commissioning.

Specialists of “KOMKON TRAFFIC” ready to provide free assistance at start-up and training of technical staff, to provide consumers with high-quality technical support and service for the entire life of the equipment.