The “KOMKON REVERSE-01” reversible movement control system is designed to control traffic on one reversible strip by switching signals of combined two-way reversible traffic lights by commands of the control panel.


The product consists of a control panel of the complex, traffic lights with control units and a switching cabinet. The panel contains a built-in power supply, a connector for the RS-485 interface cable, through which a cabinet with a media converter is connected to the control panel, converting the control panel signals into optical ones for transmission to the traffic lights control devices. It is designed for automatic or manual switching of the modes of operation of reversible traffic lights according to specified programs.

In manual mode, the reverse direction is reversed in the forward or reverse direction. There is also a mode for closing the band. In the automatic mode, the direction of travel is changed in accordance with the daily programs stored in the memory of the control panel. In this case, the closing of the direction of movement is made with a cascading off of traffic lights in the direction of travel. The main control parameters can be changed from the control panel. Reducing the impact of interference from power grids and lightning discharges is achieved by transmitting control signals over a fiber optic link or via twisted pair using the RS-485 interface.

Parameter name Value
Supply voltage 187 – 242V
Frequency of supply voltage 50 Hz
The maximum power consumption of the complex not more than 300 W
Number of serviced combined two-way reversible traffic lights 10
Number of types of daily programs 2 (weekdays, weekends)
The number of possible hourly transitions of daily programs 24
Operating temperature range -40…+50°C
Degree of enclosure protection against external influences IP54 according to GOST 14254-96
Cabinet Weight not more than 11 kg
Class of protection of a person from electric shock:
– cabinets
– traffic lights
I according to GOST
III according to GOST