Radar detectorsOne of the most advanced types of transport detectors. Allow to determine the position, speed and type of vehicles. They have a long range of operation (up to 160 m), Can control transport on more than 4 lanes simultaneously regardless of the direction of traffic. For moving machines, the accuracy is very high, decreases slightly with the distance from the detectors, does not depend on precipitation and illumination. Have a dead zone near the detectors, which depends on the installation height and the radiation pattern.

Depending on the settings and interface, connections can provide both information on virtual loops and complete information on each accompanied object (speed and direction of movement, vehicle dimensions). Moreover, there is the possibility of visualizing the traffic situation in real time, incl. with an overlay on the video picture.

Technical parameters of radars type 29 (type 30)
Parameter name Value
Vehicle detection range not less than 90 m (160 m)
Angle interval of azimuth direction -35 .. +35° (-18 .. +18°)
Elevation angle interval -8 .. +8° (-6 .. +6°)
Dimensions without fasteners 95х85х31 mm (110х99х31 mm)
Weight 295 g (330 g)
Measurement error 2,5%
Speed ??measurement range 0,36 .. 300 km/h
Working temperature -34 .. +75°
Protection class IP67
Supply voltage 7 .. 32 V
Power consumption 3,7 W

In addition, the accuracy of the detectors makes it possible to implement on their basis a system for fixing violations of speed and passing through a red traffic light.