Sign Pedestrian crossingDoublesided illuminated informational VMS «KOMKON ZDPP-01» is a variant of the road sign “Pedestrian crossing” (sign 5.35 according to DSTU4100-2002). Іntended for improving of visibility of the pedestrian crossing at night or twilight time.

Front and rear panels are made from a polycarbonate. They are highly shockproof and climatic resistant. LEDs brightness adjustment is available.

The construction is based on a non-corroded aluminum frame, which provides the sign with lightness and strength.

Technical specifications of the VMS
Parameter Value
Power voltage 150 – 250V
Power frequency 50 Hz
Consumed power 20 Wt
Ingress protection rate IP54
Sign dimensions, mm 700х700х95
Width of yellow reflective frame, mm 200
Continious runtime Not limited
Operational temperature range -40 .. +60°C

KOMKON ZDPP-02There is also a simplified modification of the sign – “KOMKON ZDPP-02”. Such a sign is produced in a plastic case without an aluminum frame and a yellow reflective frame. It is even lighter and can be additionally equipped with a luminaire underneath to illuminate the pedestrian crossing.