Time countdown board KOMKON TCB is designed for the time countdown (in seconds) before the end of glow of current signal of traffic lights. KOMKON TCB is a self-learning device; therefore, it works with any traffic controller and requires no changes in controller’s algorithm of operation. Boards are connected to the traffic lights, or to the appropriate additional traffic controller’s exits.

Also the version with RS485 interface is available. It will be needed in case of dynamic control implementation with variable phases duration. In this case controller directly sends the length of the current phase to the device.

Features of boards KOMKON TCB:

  • Board KOMKON TCB is made in heat-and shockproof case (cap diffuser is made of polycarbonate, chase – from ABC plastic).
  • Polystyrene visor provides protection from sun light.
  • Self-learning of board (calculation of the duration of traffic light signals) is provided during 2 cycles.
The main technical characteristics
Parameter name Value
Power supply voltage 187 – 242 V *
Supply voltage frequency 50/60 Hz
The range of displayed time values, sec 0..99
Lens diameter of KOMKON TCB-200 200 mm
Lens diameter of KOMKON TCB-300 300 mm
Power consumption KOMKON TCB-200, no more 8 W
Power consumption KOMKON TCB-300, no more 10 W
Operational temperature range -40 … +60°C
Protection class rating of enclosure IP-54

* Survives with the voltage in the range of 150 to 250 V