Currently, there is an urgent need for prompt and extensive notification of the population of Ukraine about air and other alarms. The signals of the available warning devices – sirens – are not operational, may not be heard in closed rooms, various air alarm signals are mainly recognized only by specialists. Users do not always respond immediately to messages via mobile communication (if available). And the messages of the Ministry of Emergency Situations must be clear and accessible, because the life and safety of the population depend on it.

When using KOMKON PZO-01 sound warning devices with adjusted software, it is possible to issue messages both in voice form and accompanied by simulated siren signals.

Management is provided by the operator, who receives the command of the Ministry of Emergency Services via mobile communication or by other means. The switches on the remote control allow you to call 3 different warning signals, which were previously recorded in the memory of the sound warning unit. For example, the sound of a siren with the message “Airborne alarm, take shelter” or the message “Airborne alarm” and others.

The device can be used in offices, schools, etc. If necessary, it is possible to connect several sound notification units to the remote control in parallel, providing simultaneous notification in separate rooms and corridors. The volume of the signals is adjustable and can be programmed for different time periods of the day (for example, day-night). Messages can be repeated a certain number of times or until the signal is turned off by the remote control. The total volume of messages is at least 60 seconds and can be extended.

Sound warning units “KOMKON PZO-01” can also work as part of the “KOMKON ASOPT” system.