АСОПТAt present, the construction of shelters located at public transport stops, in “invisibility points” and other places that perform the function of providing operational protection of the population from air threats and from other means of destruction of the enemy has become widespread. Therefore, means of prompt notification of these threats should be located near these shelters. Since the signals of the available means of warning – sirens – are not operational and are difficult to understand by the population, then in the automated sound warning system “KOMKON ASOPT” the messages are combined in the form of siren signal imitation signals and an announcer’s voice message . Since it is planned to build a large number of these shelters, it is advisable to combine all warning means into a single automated system containing an alert control center (ACC) and peripheral devices for voice and signal notification (PDN). PDNs can be combined into groups, to which commands are sent to execute the same alarm messages. The ACC and the PDN have GPRS communication, through which not only commands are transmitted to execute messages previously recorded in the memory of the PDN, but also the control of the correctness of the PDN from the ACC is provided.

Notification control center

The notification control center is implemented on a personal computer with access to the Internet and a “white address” in this network. The software allows you to show the location of the PDN on the city map, track their status, select and form groups of PDN, issue commands to issue warning signals. It also allows you to prepare voice and signal messages and record them in the memory of the PDN. Alarm messages in the ACC are received from a single notification center of Ukraine and are automatically sent to all the system’s PDN. There is also the possibility of manually issuing notification commands.


Peripheral devices for voice and signal notification

The PDN equipment is enclosed in a metal cabinet, in which are located:

Device of the sound notification about the air alarm “KOMKON PZO-01”;
• GPRS communication set;
• AC power supply 220V, 50Hz;
• Uninterruptible power supply.

The loudspeaker with fixing elements can be taken out separately for the length of the cable.

“KOMKON PZO-01” allows you to issue messages both in voice form and accompanied by simulated siren signals. Issued messages: can be, for example, in the form of a siren sound with the message “Air raid, go to cover”, the message “Air raid continues” or the message “Air raid end” and others at the request of the customer.

The sound notification device has a connection with the GPRS communication set, from which it receives commands for voicing messages.
The device is powered from the AC mains 220V, 50Hz, when it is disconnected, the power is supplied from the battery of the uninterruptible power supply unit.
Cabinet dimensions 360x180x600mm, weight no more than 14 kg. The directional study loudspeaker can be mounted on a stand at a convenient location.