The automated air raid warning system “KOMKON ASOPT” is a modern tool for managing, monitoring and diagnosing SWDs of the city or any other objects.

Unlike conventional means of notification, which are not operational and uninformative, in “KOMKON ASOPT” the messages are combined in the form of signals simulating a siren signal and a voice message from the announcer.

Thanks to the modular structure, the customer can select the functional and communication modules he needs when ordering the system.

The client-server architecture allows you to use the required number of dispatcher and technologist workstations with one server, as well as provide access to emergency services and administrative entities.

The KOMKON ASOPT system allows you to:

  • dispatch control of both individual sound warning devices (SWDs) and groups of SWDs;
  • system monitoring of the condition of SWD equipment;
  • automated launch of air raid alert (official source);
  • visualization of SWD operating modes in the system.

Dispatch control allows for prompt adjustment of the signal from sound warning devices (ACDs), control of alarms or other notifications.

The following operating modes of the SWD are supported:

  • manual control, in which you can select the number of repetitions of a particular message and the delay between repetitions;
  • automatic alarm activation when receiving data from official sources of information.


Control can be carried out either by one SWD or by a group.

Monitoring the status of the SWD provides information about the current state of operation.

The automated launch of an air raid alert uses the main source of information about alarms – the website ukrainealarm.com, which, in turn, is the official source of alerts about existing threats, which allows you to automatically trigger a particular alarm.

The system provides the ability to control SWDs with different types of communication channels: GPRS, 4G, Ethernet.

SWDs are displayed on a scaled map of the city, automatically downloaded from the Internet. Maintains constant logging of the operation of the system, SWD and operator actions, which allows you to obtain information about the state of objects for the previous period of time. Filtering of log events is supported by many parameters: operator actions (you can select specific dates for control), SWD number, etc.

Peripheral devices for voice and signal notification

The PDN equipment is enclosed in a metal cabinet, in which are located:

Device of the sound notification about the air alarm “KOMKON PZO-01”;
• GPRS communication set;
• AC power supply 220V, 50Hz;
• Uninterruptible power supply.

The loudspeaker with fixing elements can be taken out separately for the length of the cable.

“KOMKON PZO-01” allows you to issue messages both in voice form and accompanied by simulated siren signals. Issued messages: can be, for example, in the form of a siren sound with the message “Air raid, go to cover”, the message “Air raid continues” or the message “Air raid end” and others at the request of the customer.

The sound notification device has a connection with the GPRS communication set, from which it receives commands for voicing messages.
The device is powered from the AC mains 220V, 50Hz, when it is disconnected, the power is supplied from the battery of the uninterruptible power supply unit.
Cabinet dimensions 360x180x600mm, weight no more than 14 kg. The directional study loudspeaker can be mounted on a stand at a convenient location.

For local implementation of an air alarm notification system, a simpler and less expensive solution is possible – AlarmView Software Application.