AlarmViewThe AlarmView software application is designed to play pre-prepared audio alarm messages in manual and automatic mode.

The application works with the alarm server and, if the Internet is available, automatically plays a sound notification about the beginning and end of the corresponding type of alarm in the selected region. It is also possible to call the notification program manually by the operator.

The difference of the application is the ability to select records and make programs from them with a certain sequence of these records (duration, repetitions, delays). These can be, for example, an imitation of a siren signal and an announcer’s voice message.

It is possible to play ready-made sequences: fire, smoke, various alarms. You can also add your own audio recordings for notifications.

If there is a microphone, the operator can make announcements through the application.

KOMKON AlarmView

Necessary equipment:

  • computer with Windows 7 operating system and higher;
  • internet (communication with alarm server);
  • sound card on the computer;
  • sound reproduction system (amplifier, loudspeaker);
  • microphone (if needed).

The application has the following features:

  • adding WAV, MP3 sound format files;
  • formation of the sequence of records (files) in playback programs, adjustment of duration, repetitions, delays;
  • selection of the output audio playback channel, which allows, for example, to play alarms through the rear computer connector, and the operator will communicate through headphones connected to the front connector;
  • regulating the volume of alarm playback with the possibility of adjusting it at user-defined intervals at different times of the day;
  • possibility of controlling the connection of the sound reproduction channel during the issuance of alarm messages (when equipped with additional equipment connected to the COM or USB port of the computer), which allows you to reproduce alarms with sound warning equipment available in the organization, for example, a fire alarm system. At the same time, the switch controlled by the program will switch the output sound channels of this system and the computer on which the program is installed.
  • choice of oblast, district, community for notification of automatic alarms of danger levels: air, artillery, street battles, chemical and radiation alarms;
  • review of the history of the program at the time of operation and archives for the entire period of use of the program.

KOMKON AlarmView

If there is a need to implement an extensive air alarm warning system, the best solution would be Automated air alarm warning system “KOMKON ASOPT”.