GPSsyncSoftware KOMKON GPSSync is meant for precise timing of the clock of PC under control of operating system Windows.

The precision of clock setting reduced to 1 millisecond.

Software product works with the device КОМКОН GPS or with any other device that supports NMEA 0183 protocol (standard protocol for navigational equipment). This device receives a precise satellite signal, and program, installed on the client computer, produces synchronization.

The product is used on workstations and servers, which need higher accuracy of time. For example: server NTP, telemetry systems, etc.

Application has a simple interface, and a sufficient wide range of settings. The user can select the synchronization frequency, the odds threshold for synchronizing, configure a graphical interface, set the start up parameters, etc. The program can inform user about the progress of synchronization by small popup window in system tray.

Application is not PC resources-hungry, and works well on outdated models of computers.